We’ll Call This the New Day One

Who are you?

saul night 1 - edited and croppedHi there! For the new people, let me introduce myself…

My name is Niccolea (nick-cole-yah) and I’m trying to regroup from living a life of just barely getting by and surviving on regular 9 to 5 jobs.

I took a couple of years off and was a vagabond artist but decided that the whole “Starving artist” cliché was not for me.

So now here I am figuring out how to be financially stable and yet NOT have to show up to a job 40 hours a week. I’m doing this because I will be sailing around the world beginning August or September 2017.

I am a regular person. I live in a regular small town and work a regular part-time job. I have big dreams that I want to turn into big goals so that I can make a big reality. And I want to help other people do the same.

What is this “Starting from Zero” thing anyway?

What you are looking at here in this blog is the place where I am going to put weekly highlights of my daily journals on all the things that I am doing to make a truly passive income with almost NO money to speak of. Basically, this blog is the first and most rough draft of the eventual book.

What most likely will happen is the first income source won’t be fully passive. Those income sources nearly always involve investing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I’m hoping to find something that I can teach people to spend three months to a year setting up and have it keep working for them over time with maybe monthly maintenance (weekly at most).

Did you really expect not to have to spend any money?

cashNo, of course not. I knew that at some point I would have to spend $10 here, or $20 there, or maybe even up to $100 in one shot.

I may even have to borrow money to get the things that will lead to what I really want.

Hopefully, I can avoid that last bit because I want to find the thing that will help all the people who truly have NOTHING but an idea and/or a skill.

Why do you want to do this?

adventure-1807524_1920I have two reasons for doing this.

The first is because I was invited by my best friend to sail around the world and I will need income while we travel.

The second reason is more noble.  I want to help people like me who are barely getting by to be able to make some extra money (and hopefully stay off government assistance as well).

What does that mean for you right now exactly?

2014-08-05-mancharginghisbrain123rf-rechargeIt means that I have to look at all the things I have done in the past: network marketing, my poetry, and my art. I need to see what I did wrong and if I can fix any of it.

I need to figure out how to use every free tool at my disposal to attempt to work with the things I know (poetry and art) and also the things that I don’t (charity and publishing).

I am at the beginning: Square One. This is the first step of my journey. Thanks for choosing to follow along!

~ Niccolea Miouo Nance

Are you on a quest for passive or on-the-go/stay-at-home income too? What have you tried so far? Have you already made it and want to share some wisdom?
I would love to hear from you in the comments. ^_^

Stop asking - Start working
saul night 1 - edited and cropped

Hi! My name is Niccolea Miouo Nance.  I am a freelance writerpoet, artist, amateur fire-spinner, and soon to be world traveler via sailboat. I love learning new things and challenging myself (hence this project). Above all else, I love to enjoy life and be spontaneous.


Testing Something Out — The Emuna Endeavor

Sharing this post from the trip blog on my entrepreneur blog just to give it some signal boost. Click the link to read the full details. 🙂

We have a free upgrade for one year that allows us to add a “Payment Button” to our blog posts. This is the first attempt. Seems legit. ^_^

via Testing Something Out — The Emuna Endeavor

The Only Way to Fail Is to Quit

Hello there!

It’s been a while since I have posted an update. That is because I have been working the day job and got a second job for the summer.

The progress on this project of mine has been MUCH slower than I had anticipated. I have been SO CLOSE to just chucking the entire idea and just staying in the working world and giving up on this whole dream of not having to work a “regular” job.



I had to take a break though. The daily grind with very small returns was getting daunting. I even tried to enter the freelance writing arena but that was disappointing as well since the only jobs I qualified for were super low paying.

I know that what I want to do CAN be done because others have done it. For now I am working a lot of hours and paying off my credit cards one by one. Then I am going to take a trip to Puerto Rico and volunteer on an organic farm for a few months.

SO… This blog will be on hiatus for a while.

Thanks so much for being with me on this journey!

~ Niccolea


The First Step Is the Hardest

The saying goes “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

I don’t know about you, but that FIRST step seems to be the hardest thing in life. Even though I know in the logical part of my mind that once I get started I will wonder what took me so long!

Why does the goal seem SO FAR AWAY??

So far this past YEAR I’ve been sitting here at the start of this looking at the destination (represented by the horizon of the featured image of this post).

It seems SO FAR AWAY and there are SO MANY HILLS between here and there! I feel like most of my life has been like that. I want something but it just seems SO HARD and then I just don’t even TRY. So sad.

I have done a lot of learning over the past year, but I have to be honest with myself that I have not taken appropriate ACTION to get to this lofty goal.

What have I tried so far?

Before this year, I have tried a lot of things but without the proper amount of effort to REALLY be successful.

I’ve done network marketing with several companies. I have self-published a few poetry books. I have several profiles on various Print On Demand art websites. I also did Google AdSense on my other blogs without much profit.

I am going to be going back to some of these but this time with much more urgency.

This past year I have looked at Shopify and monetizing using Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense. I need to really dig deeper into these to figure out the “magic secret.”

What will be different?

The first difference will be the effort.

Even though I *HATE* doing self-promotion, I have to bite the bullet and JUST DO IT. Plus I am looking into how to make Facebook advertising actually turn into ACTUAL SALES or at the very least views and/or ad clicks for me to get revenue.

I have some things to straighten out before I can go back to some of these, but I think that it is worth the effort to go back to things that I love and believe in.

SO… for the past year I have been reading books, and watching webinars, and working to figure all this out.

There are some Facebook and LinkedIn options that are supposedly cost effective but the tutorials seem geared more towards people who are selling services and not to people like me who just want to sell items in a nearly automated way.

I am still trying to get a handle on the FREE options since Shopify stores rely heavily on advertising (which I do not have the budget for).

There is something I am missing. I just have to figure out what it is and then DO IT! Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!
~ Niccolea Miouo

Have you done any online marketing of your product? Have you tried affiliate marketing? I would love to hear YOUR story!
Please share in the comments or via the Contact page.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

hills - By Luca Zanon

saul night 1 - edited and cropped
Hi! My name is Niccolea Miouo Nance.  I am a freelance writerpoet, artist, amateur fire-spinner, and soon to be world traveler via sailboat. I love learning new things and challenging myself (hence this project). Above all else, I love to enjoy life and be spontaneous.

What Is Poverty?

The tagline of this blog site is:  “One Woman’s Journey from Poverty to Stability” so I feel like I should start at the beginning and define “What Is Poverty?”

The Official Definition:

According to the Institute for Research on Poverty’s information (which they got from US Census Bureau reports):  for a single person under the age of 65, the poverty level income is $12,316 per year.

By that metric, I would have to say that technically I am not under the poverty line since I made about $13,000 last year. But I am DARN CLOSE.

Broke, NOT Broken

Let’s be clear though, I do not feel bad about my life in any way. I am perfectly OK with what I take home now if my lifestyle didn’t change at all. As a matter of fact, even with the planned sailing trip around the world, I would be totally content with having the exact amount I am making now as my income while traveling.

I don’t need to be a millionaire. I just want to have my income be from something that I can do without needing to have a lot of inventory on hand (impossible while living on a boat) or having to be tied down to going into a specific location (not conducive to the whole sailing around the world plan).

If you are making barely enough to get by, I’m sure you can relate. You may be stressed by bills, but I hope you can find the good in life and the thing in you that can lift you above your current situation.

Even if you are well above the poverty level, you may still have the same life stress and need something to take the edge off financially. We all have dreams and goals that are helped with a few hundred extra dollars a month.

I will share everything I learn with you and we can be on this journey together.

Sooner Rather than Later

I have a sense of urgency to figure this all out so that a) I can pursue my passion/dream and b) so that I can share my journey with the world so that maybe I can help someone else do the same.

I want to find a way for people like me who are in this category to succeed in the mind-boggling and sometimes overwhelming world of online income.

Thanks for reading!
~ Niccolea Miouo

Are you on a similar journey? Did you already succeed from zero? Are/were you on or under the poverty line? What is YOUR story?
I would love to hear from you in the comments or via the contact link! ^_^



saul night 1 - edited and croppedHi! My name is Niccolea Miouo Nance.  I am a freelance writerpoet, artist, amateur fire-spinner, and soon to be world traveler via sailboat. I love learning new things and challenging myself (hence this project). Above all else, I love to enjoy life and be spontaneous.

Dear Readers,

I am going through things in life that are not motivating me to post on any of my blogs. I am feeling like a massive rebirth will be necessary soon.

I truly appreciate all of you who have been with me since the beginning as I have gone on this journey of learning more about being an entrepreneur and sharing what I have learned.

This blog will be silent for a week or two and then I will have PLENTY to re-evaluate and revisit. I hope you will be here to share it with me.

~ Niccolea

I am going back over all of my notes from the past year and will be refreshing my blog based on what I know now. I will post EVERY Tuesday beginning 5/16/17. See you then!

If you would like to contact me before the next blog post, I will reply to anything sent via the contact page


A Random Time for Relaunching

Let’s Start Over

I am feeling VERY much like trashing EVERYTHING that I have been working on for the past year (and even the things from before that).

Something in me just feels like, with all I know, things should be further along. I’ve been feeling like I have a huge mental block about all of this. So many people make it seem so easy.

I need to find paying clients. I have people (friends and charities) that I help out, but nothing that PAYS. That is the goal in this: to be able to FINALLY have the freedom to NOT have to show up to a job in order to have money.

Speaking of Money

Can I be honest with you guys? I hope so because I am about to be…

I have NOT cracked the code that so many others seem to do within the first few months.

I read so many blogs where the person has their ROI of what they spent on their domain and website hosting within the first four months. I AM NOT SURE HOW TO DO THIS.

So… I have to work a “day job” and with my desire to sail around the world being contingent on helping my friend with paying for projects, I also applied for a night job too.

PLUS the freelance writing! It’s going to be a LONG summer.

I want to be that happy, happy gal telling all the good feels, but life isn’t always sunshine, roses, rainbows, and unicorns. No matter what Starbucks had on the menu recently.


Now What?

Now I double down and be sure to make to-do lists DAILY to keep myself on track.

I want to take down all the blogs and redo the posts that have “evergreen” information that stands the test of time. All of my quote posts and posts of my art and history and culture posts, and other things like that.

I am going to hold myself accountable for ALL my projects’ success.

This isn’t going to be easy. I have a lot going on with two jobs and working on a sailboat but I will MAKE the time to get this done. Then I will see where things go from there. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading,

Have you ever dealt with or are you dealing with project overwhelm? How did you handle it? I would love to hear from you in the comments.


WRITER’S RESOURCES – Where Can I Get the Best Information for Freelancers? FreelancerFAQs Review

One of my many endeavors on my entrepreneur journey

Niccolea Writes


Are you a freelance writer?
Do I have the resource for you!

Whether you are a brand new freelance writer with no experience or education, or an old hand making a solid living off of your freelance writing, FreelancerFAQs can help you.

Just like the name implies, the FreelancerFAQs.com blog is basically the ultimate “Frequently Asked Questions” site for the freelance writer. If you can think of the question, they likely have the answer.

They even make it super easy by having categories in the main menu (see image below – click the image to go to the site).


11 ROOKIE MISTAKES – If you are new, or if you made your writer website DIY on the fly without any outside input, you may want to check out the super easy to read freebie they have to help you NOT ruin your site. (Opt-in is on the home page…

View original post 305 more words

Freelance Writing – NiccoleaWrites.com

Niccolea Writes header - niccoleawrites-dot-com - 3

A Change of Heart

I know that in prior posts I was not super excited about the freelance writing option since I wanted to have PASSIVE income. BUT… Passive income is hard to find if you don’t have any upfront money to invest. SO… that means I have to work in some capacity.

Gathering Knowlege

I took a really great FREE email course by Elna Cain and posted my notes on the course. It had a LOT of excellent actionable information in it. My issue is that I seem to have some kind of mental block around this topic.

SO… I invested in Elna’s course Write Your Way to $1K to see if maybe having more detailed instructions would help me get past my mental block.

Elna’s Write Your Way to $1K course is very reasonably priced and worth every penny for how much further into detail she goes beyond the free email course, PLUS the great facebook group you get access to once you are in the course. PLUS, I believe she still offers a one-on-one coaching session with the course as well. That by itself is worth the price of the course!

Taking Action

After I finished the course, I did what for me is the easy part: I set up my writer website. (And have redone it about three times.)

NOW… I have to do what for me is the HARD part: I have to actually put myself out there and PITCH to blogs and other sites!

Tomorrow is Monday. I have decided that will be my first day “on the job” where I will go to all the sites Elna suggests to pitch to (and some that I got from Sophie Lizard who I mentioned in a post on my freelancer blog and probably in a post on this blog too).


I am about to take the first step. Wish me luck! ^_^

Are you embarking (or have embarked) on a task that you didn’t think you would? How are you dealing with it? Do you have any tips or tricks that keep you motivated? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading,
~ Niccolea

If you click either of the pictures in this post, they will take you to my freelance writer website (or you can click the link here). Check it out. I would love to get your feedback!

Niccolea Writes header - niccoleawrites-dot-com - 3


How Do I Find Time to Work On My Blog?



Tell me if this is you:
You work a job and/or have a family and/or have school and/or church/volunteer. In other words: you have a LIFE. You want to transition out of the J-O-B and be able to live off of the proceeds from blogging about what you are passionate about.


You keep trying to find the time to be consistent with your content and coming up short. You know that consistency is the main key to success but LIFE keeps getting in the way so your blog ends up being sporadic.

Am I close? Yes?

Here’s the thing…


Really, you do. You already have everything you need and now it’s just a matter of DOING IT.

Discipline and sticking to schedules is HARD. It’s easy to do in theory but also easy NOT to do in practice. I know from personal experience with my blogs.

So what NOW? What can you actually DO to keep on track?


If you’re not far along (especially if you have less than 100 followers), you may want to shut things down and relaunch.

I know that sounds daunting at first glance, but you can do it.

You already have some content and if it isn’t time sensitive or topical (like about current events), you can reschedule your “old” posts at regular intervals – weekly is best since it’s a relatively low-pressure timeframe for writing new content. So you pick a day of the week and start a new schedule.

When you are doing the re-posts, add any new or better information if you can so that your regular readers have something new to look at. That will be the part that may take a bit of time, but it’s worth it for your blog content quality.

If you are doing email marketing via your blog (or even if you are just set up like a “newsletter”), let your followers know that the blog will go dark until whatever specific date you chose. Hopefully, you have a means to send automatic mail so you can type up the announcement of each new blog post with a link to let your readers know.

Also, add a bit of extra content in the emails if you can. Even if it’s just an informal story or greeting. Anything extra adds value to the emails above just announcing your blog posts.


OK. Here’s the hardest part. Easy to do but easy not to do. MAKE A SCHEDULE AND STICK TO IT.

I’ll be honest that I struggle with this too.

This part is going to depend on how long it takes you to research your topic(s). From your prior writing come up with an honest assessment of how long it takes you to write a blog post from beginning to posting (or in this case queueing). If you know that your research means it’s going to take a total of four hours per post, be sure to allow for that when you make your writing schedule.

Be brutally honest with yourself when you make your writing schedule. For example, if you know you hate to get up early, don’t try to write early in the morning before you do the rest of your day. I would just push snooze through all my “extra” time! I am NOT a morning person. Ha!

Find the best time of day and days of the week that fit your busy schedule and your personality. Take into consideration how long in hours it takes you to write one post and figure out how many days that equates to. For example, if it takes you four hours to write a post and you have one hour per day that means it will take you four days to write one post.


We already don’t have a lot of time to work with from day to day, right? Well, now that you have a schedule set up, you can get ahead of your posting. Since your blog is set up with posts for a few weeks ahead, you have given yourself a bit of a cushion time-wise to work on more content.

Hopefully, you have at least four or five posts queued for weekly posting. This way even if it takes you four days to write one post, you have time to write another four or five posts.

Take your time. Breathe. Do your due diligence if you are presenting information. Write. Revise. Queue. Repeat for another post. YOU CAN DO THIS.


This is important. You’ve been going along this far and thought you could be self-motivated and found out that wasn’t happening.

The hope is that once you let your readers know your new schedule, that you will then be motivated by that. If your readers are engaged and commenting regularly, this will help immensely.

But what if your readers just read and even though you have stats showing people visit your site, you don’t have engagement?

This is where you have to get creative.

First, be sure all of your posts end with some kind of call to action. This could be as simple as asking a question for them to answer in the comments. Do the same thing on your emails too.

Second, find someone who will keep you in check. For some, this may be a friend or family member who pokes you periodically by asking how the blog is going.

Or if you are part of a social media or another online network, reach out to fellow bloggers who are in the same boat and make a pact to check on each other every week.

You may want to hire someone who is already successful at blogging to coach you. Money shelled out can be a big motivator for a lot of people.

Once you find what works, the rest of the journey will be much smoother.


Kudos to you for wanting to follow your dreams and get outside of the box of the status quo!

If you are going through this, I would love to hear from you and know how you are doing.