What Is Poverty?

The tagline of this blog site is:  “One Woman’s Journey from Poverty to Stability” so I feel like I should start at the beginning and define “What Is Poverty?”

The Official Definition:

According to the Institute for Research on Poverty’s information (which they got from US Census Bureau reports):  for a single person under the age of 65, the poverty level income is $12,316 per year.

By that metric, I would have to say that technically I am not under the poverty line since I made about $13,000 last year. But I am DARN CLOSE.

Broke, NOT Broken

Let’s be clear though, I do not feel bad about my life in any way. I am perfectly OK with what I take home now if my lifestyle didn’t change at all. As a matter of fact, even with the planned sailing trip around the world, I would be totally content with having the exact amount I am making now as my income while traveling.

I don’t need to be a millionaire. I just want to have my income be from something that I can do without needing to have a lot of inventory on hand (impossible while living on a boat) or having to be tied down to going into a specific location (not conducive to the whole sailing around the world plan).

If you are making barely enough to get by, I’m sure you can relate. You may be stressed by bills, but I hope you can find the good in life and the thing in you that can lift you above your current situation.

Even if you are well above the poverty level, you may still have the same life stress and need something to take the edge off financially. We all have dreams and goals that are helped with a few hundred extra dollars a month.

I will share everything I learn with you and we can be on this journey together.

Sooner Rather than Later

I have a sense of urgency to figure this all out so that a) I can pursue my passion/dream and b) so that I can share my journey with the world so that maybe I can help someone else do the same.

I want to find a way for people like me who are in this category to succeed in the mind-boggling and sometimes overwhelming world of online income.

Thanks for reading!
~ Niccolea Miouo

Are you on a similar journey? Did you already succeed from zero? Are/were you on or under the poverty line? What is YOUR story?
I would love to hear from you in the comments or via the contact link! ^_^



saul night 1 - edited and croppedHi! My name is Niccolea Miouo Nance.  I am a freelance writerpoet, artist, amateur fire-spinner, and soon to be world traveler via sailboat. I love learning new things and challenging myself (hence this project). Above all else, I love to enjoy life and be spontaneous.


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