We’ll Call This the New Day One

Who are you?

saul night 1 - edited and croppedHi there! For the new people, let me introduce myself…

My name is Niccolea (nick-cole-yah) and I’m trying to regroup from living a life of just barely getting by and surviving on regular 9 to 5 jobs.

I took a couple of years off and was a vagabond artist but decided that the whole “Starving artist” cliché was not for me.

So now here I am figuring out how to be financially stable and yet NOT have to show up to a job 40 hours a week. I’m doing this because I will be sailing around the world beginning August or September 2017.

I am a regular person. I live in a regular small town and work a regular part-time job. I have big dreams that I want to turn into big goals so that I can make a big reality. And I want to help other people do the same.

What is this “Starting from Zero” thing anyway?

What you are looking at here in this blog is the place where I am going to put weekly highlights of my daily journals on all the things that I am doing to make a truly passive income with almost NO money to speak of. Basically, this blog is the first and most rough draft of the eventual book.

What most likely will happen is the first income source won’t be fully passive. Those income sources nearly always involve investing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I’m hoping to find something that I can teach people to spend three months to a year setting up and have it keep working for them over time with maybe monthly maintenance (weekly at most).

Did you really expect not to have to spend any money?

cashNo, of course not. I knew that at some point I would have to spend $10 here, or $20 there, or maybe even up to $100 in one shot.

I may even have to borrow money to get the things that will lead to what I really want.

Hopefully, I can avoid that last bit because I want to find the thing that will help all the people who truly have NOTHING but an idea and/or a skill.

Why do you want to do this?

adventure-1807524_1920I have two reasons for doing this.

The first is because I was invited by my best friend to sail around the world and I will need income while we travel.

The second reason is more noble.  I want to help people like me who are barely getting by to be able to make some extra money (and hopefully stay off government assistance as well).

What does that mean for you right now exactly?

2014-08-05-mancharginghisbrain123rf-rechargeIt means that I have to look at all the things I have done in the past: network marketing, my poetry, and my art. I need to see what I did wrong and if I can fix any of it.

I need to figure out how to use every free tool at my disposal to attempt to work with the things I know (poetry and art) and also the things that I don’t (charity and publishing).

I am at the beginning: Square One. This is the first step of my journey. Thanks for choosing to follow along!

~ Niccolea Miouo Nance

Are you on a quest for passive or on-the-go/stay-at-home income too? What have you tried so far? Have you already made it and want to share some wisdom?
I would love to hear from you in the comments. ^_^

Stop asking - Start working
saul night 1 - edited and cropped

Hi! My name is Niccolea Miouo Nance.  I am a freelance writerpoet, artist, amateur fire-spinner, and soon to be world traveler via sailboat. I love learning new things and challenging myself (hence this project). Above all else, I love to enjoy life and be spontaneous.


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