Do What You Love

That is what so many of the gurus say, right?

Well, I am realizing that I really like to fiddle around with graphics and figure out how to make something okay even better.

Case in point…

I redid most of the pages of my freelance writing site. I also used (free) Canva to design an email banner that I realized I liked WAY more than what I had on my site.


I redid my site logo and the header for my about page using the email banner as a template. Pretty, huh? ^_^

2017-03-13 (57).png

I think I am going to ask around at the coffee shop and see who needs some help with their WordPress site. I really enjoy the process of building them from the bottom up or even making adjustments to improve them.

I was thinking about doing it online but five years ago when I had one neglected free WP blog and had no clue, I didn’t feel comfortable giving someone my admin information so they could upload for me. (My friend in another state was good with WordPress but not so much with instructions via phone or email.)

Or I could figure out how to give instructions better than my friend…

In the meantime, I have my 8 blogs to fiddle with. ^_^

Thanks for reading!
~ Niccolea

I realized the “About” page image didn’t match the other images on the home page so I moved the image to the bottom of the page. Always room for improvement. ^_^

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