Freelance Freeze

I am just at a standstill with this freelance writing thing. :-/

I resisted it last year because I was looking for PASSIVE income and freelance writing is definitely NOT passive. It is basically being unemployed and just looking for odd jobs ALL THE TIME.


Time has run out. I am out of a job in a few weeks because I WILL SAIL THIS YEAR. SO… that means I have to HUSTLE NOW.

I invested in the freelance writing course. NOW TO USE THE INFORMATION.

I am stuck on the pitch. I am working my way through the material trying to find an actual example of the pitch but I haven’t gotten that far in the material yet… I don’t want to skip ahead so… I guess I will update when I get there and see if this was worth the non-refundable $177 that I spent. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! ^_^
~ Niccolea


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