Pinterest Mental Block

One of these days I am going to come on this here blog and be like “WOOHOO LOOK AT THIS COOL THING I KNOW HOW TO DO AND HERE’S HOW YOU CAN DO IT TOO!”

One day. It will happen.


I want to punch Pinterest in the face.

I have read a BUNCH of tutorials and watched videos and webinars ETC… and yet… My Pinterest does NOT look as cool as all these tutorials. :-/

pinterest_logo-2Everyone SWEARS by Pinterest for driving traffic to a website by using pinnable images.

So, I signed up for Canva and found a bunch of free images to use and cropped or resized them to the Pinterest dimensions listed.

Now I just have to ACTUALLY make the Pinterest image by adding text and whatnot.


I  swear I will. I *will* happen!  Just… Maybe not TODAY. Stay tuned for my new look with handy dandy pinnable blog post images!

Thanks for reading,
~ Niccolea





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