More on the Wealthy Affiliate Free Version

I had posted about my premium experience with Wealthy Affiliate and recently I signed up again for the free version. I figured I do a bit more detail.

What you get:

FREE TRAINING… a bit anyways

There is a series of free training lessons to do on the site. They are VERY basic and low-level.

If you have never even heard of affiliate marketing or have heard of it and have no idea what it is or how it works or how to get started doing it, then these can be helpful.

FREE WEBSITES… on their platform

With Wealthy Affiliate’s free access you can do two free websites. They use WordPress themes so the set up is very similar to a blog on but just on instead.

You have to log in to WA to access the admin dashboard for your site(s). That’s not a huge deal but I am so used to going to wp-admin for my self-hosted that I keep forgetting to go to WA first for the site I made with them. D’OH!

What’s missing:


There is SO MUCH more to learn in order to have a really successful site and actually make money.

In order to access anything other than the Level 1 training requires a Premium membership.


The thing I liked about Premium was the live chat where you could get help from the more experienced members any time.

With Premium, there is also a “comment for comment” kind of system where you can have other members look at your site and comment on your blog posts.

They use a points system. Members earn points for every time they help out another member and then can “spend” those points to ask for help/comments on their site.


Wealthy Affiliate is a very dynamic program and has quite a few people who are successful at it.

From what I’ve seen though, most of the successful people on WA are affiliates who get paid if people sign up for premium via their link.

I don’t have access to ask in the chat who is there that makes money using some OTHER affiliate program like ClickBank, Amazon, etc. SO, the mystery will stay unsolved.

Thanks for reading!
~ Niccolea

Have you done Wealthy Affiliate’s program (free or premium)? How did that work for you? Have you tried any other affiliate training program (Affilorama, Internet Jetset, etc)? How did it go? I would love to hear from you in the comments!



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