Giving Wealthy Affiliate Another Try – Free Version

I had done the premium version of Wealthy Affiliate and got locked out when I canceled my membership so I decided to see if I used a different name and email if I could get back on the free version. YEP. I’m in!


For the free version of WA you only have access to the first level of lessons on how to set things up.

It is geared to setting things up within their system as opposed to just a generic “you can use this method on any website hosted anywhere”… you probably CAN take some of the info and put it on another platform, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

The bottom level info does’t really give you a lot of real detail that can get you an actual commission.

What you get are the VERY basics of setting up a WordPress site (which if you have had a WP blog for any amount of time, you can probably already do all that).


They take the time to tell you that you have to create content but they don’t really give you any real heads up on how to do this.

They tell you that search engines love content, but not how to determine what content is best based on keywords and other SEO optimization.

SO basically if you don’t pay $49/mo, you are totally on your own and don’t have access to most of the info on the site.


I did have the premium access for about a month and it was great to be a part of an active community of people all on the same page and with the same goal.

Everyone was very helpful when I would post questions in the live chat. But… In my opinion if a company is going to charge a monthly fee for their service, then the ROI (return on investment) should be WAY faster.

Maybe I just didn’t go through the lessons quickly eough. I still feel like I should have been shown more information that could have helped actually MAKE SOME MONEY.

The access did give the opportunity to have the site I built reviewed by fellow members and also there was sort of a “comment for comment” type of system in place. If a site has engaged readers, I guess it might rank better.(?)

If I am going to pay $50 per month, then I want to make AT LEAST that from the program. Am I just greedy??

I don’t think so.


Not like I need ANOTHER site to be responsible for, but I want to see exactly how much one can do with their free stuff. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Thanks for reading,
~ Niccolea


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