The Affiliate Angle – ClickBank

Still Exploring…

Nearly every online marketing “guru” sings the praise of affiliate marketing, and nearly all of them highly recommend ClickBank.

I did sign up for this a few years back. If you are completely new to affiliate marketing, the interface can be pretty intimidating.

The site is very well designed to help you find the very best and most lucrative things to promote, but if you have NO IDEA exactly what it is you are going to promote… Well, that makes it harder.

Now that I know more…

Back then it was all just a LOT of information on a screen that I had not clue one of how to use it.

Now that I have spent the past year learning about how the internet works as far as online marketing, it makes MUCH more sense.

Now I can see how convenient the site is for narrowing down what to promote based on category and commission size. It’s really pretty cool.

Of course, just knowing how to find the offers to promote is just the beginning.

Applying to promote…

A lot of the offers will give you a promotion link right off, but some do have a vetting process where they look at various factors.

Most will look at things like:

  • How long your website/blog has been around
  • How much traffic you get on your site/blog
  • How many followers you have on your site/blog
  • How engaged your followers are

Looking for offers…

So I went on ClickBank and decided to see what they had in the business/finance categories.

I decided to apply for Forex Trendy that is an online tool to help traders have more gains and fewer losses.

I also applied to AutoBinary Signals which is also for stock trading (but on a different set of products than Forex Trendy).

The other thing I applied to was The 67 Steps which I personally am curious about and want to know if it actually works. I am seriously considering investing the $67 in finding out if it is legit since they have a 60-day money back guarantee.

(Seems like they should have a 67-day money back guarantee since that is the length of the program, but what do I know? :-P)

I don’t know how long it takes to find out if I am approved or not. It doesn’t specify on any of the sites. SO… Wish me luck! ^_^

Thanks for reading,
~ Niccolea

UPDATE: Well before I could even publish this post, I got a reply from Forex Trendy that I am approved! We’ll see how that link works for me.

Are you currently using ClickBank for affiliate links? How has your experience been? I would love to hear about it in the comments. 🙂



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