The Affiliate Marketing Angle – eBay

Since the Amazon program was pretty easy to use, I decided to look into other things.

I figure I shop on eBay just as much as Amazon and eBay also has one per the info in the Internet Jetset program that I signed up for (review to come).

Signing up for the affiliate program is FREE. Don’t pay to be a marketer. THOSE ARE SCAMS.

Anyone who wants to pay you a commission will let you sign up for free. Also, they reserve the right to REFUSE your application to be an affiliate if they think you won’t bring them any business.

Signing up for the eBay program was just as easy as the Amazon program. Great so far!

Next, is learning how to actually get the links to share and then getting people to click them and buy things. ONE THING AT A TIME, THOUGH. 😛

I did a test link and posted it to my personal Facebook page to let my friends know that I have an affiliate link… BABY STEPS. ^_^

Thanks for reading!

Are you an affiliate for eBay? How has that been for you? I would love to hear about it in the comments!



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