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Since this site is really a personal blog about my journey to find my entrepreneur self, I figured I could share my notes on the free email course that I just finished. Maybe it will help you on your journey as you look for what will work for you.

The fee course I did was from Elna Cain. I have been reading blog posts about freelance writing and have downloaded LOTS of free information, but I needed something a bit more step-by-step to wrap my head around what it is that I actually have to DO in order to be a beginning freelance writer.

Elna’s course helped me sort through the fog I had been in for MONTHS so I really appreciate that she offers it for FREE. If you want the complete advice, I definitely recommend that you sign up for the course.

Here are the high-level steps:

1 – Decide what you want to write about.
2 – Gather samples of your writing.
3 – Figure out where to house your portfolio.
4 – Develop a social presence online.
5 – Find freelance writing jobs.
6 – Pitch to and land clients

Below are my notes on each step as I thought about what Elna said in the course.

1 – Decide what you want to write about.

I like writing about poetry, art, Black culture, entrepreneurship, goal achieving, sailing, and travel.

Technically this is WAY too broad and I need to narrow it down. Poetry is what I feel most consistently passionate about and where I have the biggest following (1000+)… SO… perhaps I should focus on THAT for now. I like all the others too, though, so it’s hard to just pick ONE. …MUST… FOCUS.

Since I will be sailing around the world, I think that I should focus on this one but I don’t have anything to say until we are ACTUALLY TRAVELING. So, this is on the back burner freelance-wise until June of this year. I suppose I can ramp up promotion of the trip site between now and then.

Poetry may be TOO narrow of a writing focus since it is not geared towards solving a life problem. We’ll see what I end up doing once I look at the job boards in step 5.

2 – Gather samples of your writing.

I have two published poetry books plus a few poems posted in different poetry, art, and literature zines. I post my published poetry on my poetry fan page on Facebook. I have a blog about my writing process where I also write about submissions.

I may start writing reviews of poems and chapbooks as well. I may even start a mini zine within my site if I can do it on with the low budget plan that I am on now.

3 – Figure out where to house your portfolio

For my poetry and poetry-related writing, I could add a CV or “portfolio” page. I did create a whole new website ( for other freelance writing gigs. Maybe I could add my published poetry to this as well?

4 – Develop a social presence online.

I have had a poetry fan page on Facebook for a few years now. I also have a poetry Twitter and Tumblr. I created a poetry YouTube channel back in 2012 but I have not really updated it. I guess I better get on that. I probably have other profiles out there but those are the ones I actually use.

I think that for traffic to my website(s), I need to figure out the Pinterest angle. I think I need to delete all my alternate Pinterest profiles (all but my personal one) and start over with BUSINESS Pinterest accounts for my art, poetry, freelancing, etc. I really should focus on JUST ONE though. I’m still kind of wobbly on this “pick one and focus” point.

5 – Find freelance writing jobs

When someone originally suggested that I freelance back in 2004, it was based on my posted writings about Black history and other Black culture items. I wish I had taken them up on it even though the first “gig” would have basically been on a volunteer basis for a small Black newspaper in Phoenix, AZ. Hindsight is 20/20 vision and all that.

What do I do NOW?? I guess I will go on the free sites that Elna suggested in her course:
Journalism Jobs
Blogging Pro Job Board
Media Bistro

We’ll see if any of this pans out. Wish me luck! ^_^

As always, thanks for reading,
~ Niccolea

Are you a freelance writer? What are your thoughts on this advice? … Have you been thinking about going into freelance writing? Or are you just recently getting into it? What has your experience been? If you haven’t done it yet, why not? … Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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