The Affiliate Marketing Angle – Amazon

[Disclosure: After writing this post, I added some affiliate links as an example of how they can be put into content.]

Rethinking My Approach

I have to be honest with myself that I am not particularly interested in being a freelance writer where I contact clients and then write something per their specifications.

What I prefer to do is what I do on this blog: write what I want how I want and share that with people.

SO… how do I do this and actually make money???

Monetizing on

cashIf you are like me and have a standard free blog where you write on a particular subject (or even if you write about random things), then you can actually make money from your blog with some consistent work.

Per the help section here on, you can add affiliate links in your copy as long as your blog is NOT specifically one where you are writing about the thing(s) that you get paid to promote.

For example… If you are writing a blog about knitting and you link to the supplies you used in the project you’re posting about, then there you go!

I know what you’re thinking…

But, HOW do I become an affiliate marketer?

site-stripeIt is surprisingly easy!

The one that I use is Amazon Associates because it is FREE!

Plus, I am on Amazon so much that it is super convenient to get the link for whatever I am buying (thereby giving myself some money back on my purchases).

If you already have a profile on Amazon (even if it’s not Prime), use that to log in and apply to be an associate.

You’ll the have an Associates bar at the top of whenever you are on the regular site. The link you get commissions on is in that bar.

If you don’t have an Amazon profile already, you can still be an Associate. Just be sure to sign in to Amazon with the log in you made for the affiliate program.


dollar-wallpaper-1447956723v59You can then use the link ANYWHERE, not just your blog. If you want to tell your auntie what you bought you can use the link in an email to her. You can post a link on your Facebook to tell folks about your new purchase.

Here’s the cool part:

NOT just the thing the link features!

Say you buy a book you love and you post the Associate link. Your bestie (or a stranger if it’s a public post) clicks the link and then decides to do some shopping. CHA-CHING. You get a commission!

Slow, but steady

Now, obviously, this is NOT a get rich quick method. Unless you have a huge following of link clickers who actually buy things, you will probably only make a few dollars here and there.

BUT… if you are consistent with posting links often on all of your social media outlets and on your blog(s) then eventually you can get some nice extra money on the side.

Thanks for reading!
~ Niccolea

Have you tried any affiliate marketing programs? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments. 🙂


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