Pulse Check

Hello there!

I have been slacking SO MUCH on writing this blog! :-/  So by way of an update, I had a strong summer but autumn seems to have slowed my pace considerably.

I had typed up a much more cohesive and smart sounding update offline but my tablet crashed and I lost it all. (Note to self: type up drafts IN WORDPRESS where they will be AUTOSAVED!) Forgive me this less than professional update!


If you have been following this blog since summer then you know I have lapsed into what I call “learning mode” which is fine if I am both learning AND doing. I have been reading a lot of free ebooks. I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos. I have been checking out a ton of free webinars. There is a LOT of information out there and I have let myself get overwhelmed by it all.

In the end, I have to be honest with myself about what I am looking for: PASSIVE income. I also have to be honest that even “passive” income take a LOT of work to get it set up properly.  I have put out the money for a hosted website for a year (now with 6 months left on that year) …SO… Harsh truth: I have to DO THE WORK.

How are YOU doing? ^_^


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