Affiliate Marketing Review – Wealthy Affiliate Fail

The magical land of Wealthy Affiliate

SO… I clicked a link for a free week of premium membership and it seemed really great so I paid for a month ($47) and I liked it a lot, BUT, I did not make any money in that month. I think if a company is going to have a money-back guarantee, then the ROI (Return On Investment) should be pretty clear.

I know that I may have started making money EVENTUALLY if I had stayed premium, but I figured I would try to see what I could do with the FREE membership. I cancelled my premium and was away from the site for a while.

Locked out of the kingdom

Today, I decided to go back and see what the free membership was like… or so I thought. Apparently, if you have a premium membership and then cancel, then you are booted off the site entirely and are not allowed to access ANYTHING unless you sign back up for a paid account. Um, WHAT??

My whole goal with this project is to
…..A) help me get an income while I am sailing around the world and also
…..B) help OTHERS who are in similar circumstances lift themselves out of it.

Both of the above I am trying to accomplish WITHOUT having to pay a monthly fee. It appears that Wealthy Affiliate does NOT help me with either of those goals at this time.

Not all bad

To be clear, I actually enjoyed using WA under the premium membership. The site has a great set of lessons to go through to learn how to be an affiliate marketer and there is a wonderful chat thread where you can get help from the more experienced members. I actually moved up the site’s helper ranking pretty quickly which was encouraging. (I was in the top 2,000 out of hundreds of thousands of users.)

I think the people are what make WA stand out. All the “ambassadors” were extremely helpful and generally speaking the chat was a nearly instant source of information. The founders Kyle and Carlos are VERY personable and actually interact with the members pretty regularly, especially in the beginning. They are very helpful and encouraging.

Making a site using their SiteRubix platform is just as easy as setting up a blog here on so that was great. They have a system where all the members give and receive feedback on each other’s sites and you can even give or receive comments on sites. They have a pretty good standard to be sure the comments are QUALITY so that it isn’t just a “like-for-like” or “follow-for-follow” situation.

If you can afford the $47/mo or $359/yr for an education in niche-finding, site-building, and traffic-generating, then you may want to try it for yourself. Just keep in mind that the ROI may take a while (I didn’t have time for all that).

Moving on

I need to figure out how to use THIS site to work since I know that WP lets you do affiliate links if your free blog isn’t specifically about being an affiliate or just to sell things. I’ll keep you all posted!

Thanks for reading,
~ Niccolea

Have you tried any affiliate marketing training programs? What was your experience? I would love to hear about it in the comments. ^_^



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