Back to the Learning Curve

OK. It’s full disclosure time.

The thing that I love to do and be active in and am borderline obsessed with is NOT gaining a passive (or at least easily mobile) income. It’s poetry.

SO much so that right now I am in the beginnings of a “100 submissions in 100 days” self-challenge.  I didn’t realize how labor intensive submitting poetry was going to be and it has taken over my life for the rest of the year. O_O

But fear not dear readers!

I am still working on some things here and there but nothing has panned out so far and I have not formulated a proper set of words to describe the levels of epic fail that I have been experiencing. (Also, I would rather just push it all down deep into my subconscious and never think of any of it again, but that wouldn’t help anybody now would it?) >_<

Stay tuned for future updates…

In between reading poetry journal back issues and slogging through my fifteen-year catalog of hundreds of poems, I actually AM looking at every little promise of an opportunity to see if it fits into what I am able to do. The hard part is to find the time to formulate it into words and share it with all of you. I will link here when I do (or you can sign up to get notified via email).

In the meantime, I will still post links to free eBooks at least once a week when I find them. We can learn together!

Thanks for reading,
~ Niccolea

Have you broken the code on making income online? (Or not?) I would love to joy in your success! (Or commiserate in your struggle!) Leave me a comment below! ^_^

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