The Process

I am doing two new websites at once because I apparently like doing too much. I have started the new Zero to Infinity site even though I don’t have any content on it yet. I also have started a free site on a different platform called SiteRubix to see how that works out for me.

The new site is called “Sail Ready” and is an attempt to learn how to use my current platform on to be an affiliate marketer. It’s a free site via Wealthy Affiliate and is on using WordPress themes. We’ll see what I learn there. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!
~ Niccolea

Are you running multiple sites? How is that going for you? Any tips you would like to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. ^_^


saul night 1 - edited and cropped
Hi! My name is Niccolea Miouo Nance.  I am a poet, artist, amateur fire-spinner, and soon to be world traveler via sailboat. I love learning new things and challenging myself (hence this project). Above all else, I love to enjoy life and be spontaneous.




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