The People Who Teach Me

This blog is mainly for chronicling the process that I am going through and I had planned on just doing weekly posts of what I had learned and/or done… but… I felt like giving a shout out to a few of the people that I have found as I searched and share some of the great things they are working on. Sharing the love, people, that is what life is all about! AMIRITE? ^_^

Elna Cain is a freelance writer/blogger that I follow. Check out this great checklist on how to declutter in this post!

Alissia Haggard is another great blogger and this is her 10 best reasons you should consider writing a mom blog! (If you’re a mom, of course. :-P)
Charles Johnston recently interviewed the CEO of a non-profit making a difference in Haiti one shoe at a time.
Purchasing a pair of The Impact Shoe can change the future of a child in Haiti. Each shoe gives back to the local area.|By Charles Johnston
Kathleen Cantave‘s blog has a beauty section, where we write about beauty on a budget….here’s the latest post.
Welcome to another edition of beauty subscription corner, where we provide a quick review of the products in
Garrett Sussman says it’s important to know what the benchmarks should be when helping clients with getting great reviews and where you should be getting them. In this link he lays the groundwork for a solid review management strategy. Enjoy!
A blog covering online reviews, word-of-mouth marketing and social media for Agencies, Consultants, and SEO Firms.
This is Jenny Zeano‘s latest fashion post – romper love!
Finding the perfect romper is no easy task. Seriously, I have tried on 28 this past month and own ONE! However, this Forever 21 floral romper is perfection!



Luke Jordan has the best blogging tips for making a successful blog:
In this post I’m giving you the best blogging tips to read & act upon today. These WILL be the difference between success & failure, so get to work!

Tracy Walker has a blog about the sweet things in life and this is what she’s learned:
I never thought I was any kind of writer and I certainly never considered myself worthy to write anything to publish on the World Wide Web. That was until the year 2015 when I turned something five… (see more on
Nikki Andal‘s latest blog post!
Picture this: You’ve snapped the perfect picture and when you go to post it online you realize it’s missing a little je ne sais quoi. As a proud Mom I love taking pictures of my boys. I also love apps that allow you easily enhance your photos.|By Nikki Andal

There’s this gem by Brian Manon
Burying the lead: If your reader only took away one message from your content, what would it be?  Say it upfront.  Holding the Big Reveal until the end may work in suspense novels but it’s not doing YOU any favors.

Ankit Agarwal has 5 tips for productivity.
If you do implement any of these, Do give Ankit a shout out!
Learn 5 easy methods to introduce discipline in your daily blogging hustle and increase your productive output efficiency.

Jane Mountain‘s been travelling and working in Europe for 4 months now, so with that in mind…  13 Ways European Culture Can Improve Your Life
Travelling to Europe it’s hard to miss the difference between European culture and North American culture. Here are some of the best lessons we learned.|By My Five Acres
Kathie Stiner says the entrepreneur journey is an unpredictable emotional roller coaster. How do you stay strong through the ups and downs? A Boss Mentality. Download a FREE Boss Mentality workbook & take charge of your Biz.  Boss Mentality Workbook

From Karen VanOsdel Shatafian – Feeling overwhelmed and struggling to find balance in your crazy life? This can help.
20 personal development bloggers weigh in with their #1 tip on creating a life of balance.|By Karen Shatafian

Laura Williams give us this timelessly relevent 4 Steps to take back control and fall back in love with your business (plus a Step-by-Step checklist)


Are you feeling over-worked and over-whelmed but you’re still under-achieving? Take back control of your business, de – stress and step off the trail of entrepreneurial self destruction with these 4 important tips How many of your New Year’s Business Goals have you achieved? Are you keeping on track…

10 EASY Photoshop tools that will improve your images. There are a lot of tools that are easy, but make such a big difference.


Molly Courtney brings these pearls of wisdom:…/

1: Why are diets so seductive? 2: Eat delicious food 3: Mindful Eating in a Busy World 4: Trust (and feel) hunger 5: Food vs. Tears – Emotional eating
Raelyn Tan Xin Hui has a 12 DAY BLOG TRAFFIC MINI COURSE 12 Days of Action-Packed, Value-Laden Blog Goodness to Turbo-Boost your Blog Traffic. Get free access here to turbo grow your blog audience:

Denise Wakeman’s latest post is about Advanced Video Marketing Strategies for Social Media. Lots of tips and examples.…/video-marketing-strategies/

As a social media professional or entrepreneur — you know you need to incorporate video marketing strategies into your social media. Here’s how.|By Denise Wakeman
From Mariah Gallagher Tomkinson – Do you struggle with thinking of Instagram ideas that are business friendly but show a little behind the scenes & personality? Then check this out! It will get you thinking in the square.…/

25 business friendly Instagram prompts with hashtags.|By Mariah – Bloom Hustle Grow

Marissa Stone is always asked how she gets so much done in a day, so she created the “8 Steps I Use to Boost my Productivity Everyday” tutorial!…/8-tips-use-boost-productivity/

Check out this FREE Tutorial now!
From Kirsten Kiki Oliphant – Prepare for your online crisis before it happens! You know what I mean. Like, before your site crashes or your private message is publicly tweeted on accident or your controversial post goes viral.

Get your crisis plan ready! Before your site crashes or you accidentally tweet that private message or your…
From Dan Crask “Yo dawg, I heard you like packaging, so I wrote a blog post about packaging to help you with your packaging.”

Now this is fascinating stuff. For the past 2 or so years my business has been helping guide businesses into the…
Ready for summer road trips? Tonya Tufts Denmark has supplied The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist!…/

Travel Bloggers share their must have music when hitting the road.

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